Elena Casati


A young woman with a passion for fashion since early childhood, passed on to her by her grandmother Angela, a professional seamstress, who taught her to love a world made of needle, thread and lots of imagination; from here her dreams began.

This is only the beginning of Elena Casati story, fulcrum of the self named brand, who wove the foundations of an individual company that strives to improve day by day. The company’s objective being to captivate the female market by way of its creativity, it’s particular attention to detail and with its style.

Everything began in a small village in the province of Milan, where Elena was born in May of 1985. The firstborn unto a family of artisan blacksmiths, She was taught the importance of being proud of one’s projects and to fight to realize one’s aspirations.

Her first important foray into the world of fashion came in 2004 when, having graduated as a surveyor she went on to study the role of Fashion Designer at the Marangoni institute in Milan. Completed in 2008, during this time she also worked as a shop assistant, a treasured role in terms of learning how to better understand both the desires and choices of the end consumer.

Her professional development began thanks to her experiences in various design offices, and grew in an office where she learnt all parts of the trade. She had the good fortune and opportunity to manage not only the stylistic part but also the graphic and publicity side as well as supplier coordination, orders and agents and quality control for both prototypes and production articles.

She specialized in the accessories sector during her time at “Atelier Fix Design“, starting as an assistant in the style office until reaching the role of Sector manager.

The acquisition of these abilities has given her the confidence and fundamental instruments to actuate her own project.

In February of 2014 she started out on a new adventure, creating her first line of handbags “handmade in Italy“ under the brand name ’Elena Casati’.

Everything is deeply considered, from the careful selection of materials: coordinating precious jacquard with materials of a rougher nature and after continued research, she started to combine high-quality Italian metal work and fabric trimmings;

The work is rounded off by adding further personalization’s to the exterior in the form of a hand sewn plaque with incised logo and internally with the brand and label woven in high definition.

Following also the philosophy of ethical fashion, Elena Casati not use and will never use, garments with fur and animal skins in the collections. This commitment signed by the self-certification the Fur Free Retailer Program, in collaboration with LAV (Anti-Vivisection League).

It is a program created for the purpose of promoting trade policies which respect animal rights, starting with the elimination of articles that contain animal fur.

The quality and uniqueness of the material combinations, the Italian craftsmanship and personal style make the Elena Casati line fresh, new and unique in its sector.